Royal Appointments

King's Council
This council has been constituted to provide advice to the Crown on matters of state. Its members are Princes Bleys and Random, Princess Florimel, Duke Basil Feldane and Lord Malachi.

Her Royal Highness, Princess Florimel, Master of the Palace
Princess Florimel is the de-facto Master of the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Amber. This is not a true appointment, so much as a simple reality. She controls the Court, including Ambassadorial visits, State functions, internal appointments of staff, formal introductions to the King and even who is allowed in the door. She is the arbiter of fashion and taste for the Amber Upper Classes.

His Royal Highness Prince Random, High Commissioner
Prince Random sits at the head of the bureaucracy controlling and managing the Foreign Ministry, including all the Ambassadors to Foreign Courts with relationships with Amber. All Ambassadorial contract should go through Lord Godfrey Solaris, Ambassador at Large for the Kingdom of Amber who manages the day-to-day work of the Embassies, then to Prince Random, before coming to the King.

Lord/Lady Exchequer
The Exchequer controls Amber's purse-strings and is the principal advisor to the Crown on all matters related to Amber's economy.

Prince Dylan, Head of the Special Office of Investigation for the Crown
Prince Dylan heads up a Special Office of Investigation and holds a Letter of Marque allowing him to investigate any Mysteries or Enigmas facing the Kingdom. He is tasked to ferret out, X-Files-like, any mysteries, be it the Black Road or something closer to home, understand them before they become a threat to the Kingdom.

King's Counsel Extraordinary
This position is presently vacant, with its taskings falling to various scriveners and courtiers. Of note, a number of the documents prepared by the prior office-holder have been quietly destroyed or amended, although it would be a rather difficult task to determine what, when or how.

Lady Lucretia de'Mandrake, Royal Physician
Lady Lucretia de'Mandrake is the Royal Physician for the Royal Court of Amber. She is both entrusted with the health of the Royal Family and for further medical research that may help prevent and solve problems pertaining to the Black Road.

Sir Elijah Windchaser, Commander of the Hounds
Sir Elijah is in charge of the security of the Palace of the Kingdom of Amber and entrusted with the safety of those who live within her walls. His Hounds also manage the security details for members of the Royal Family and staff security at major State Functions held within the Palace.

Lord Godfrey Solaris, Ambassador at Large
Lord Godfrey Solaris is the head Ambassador from Amber to other Courts of the Golden Circle. He is entrusted with authority to discuss and preliminarily negotiate treaties and trading partnerships between different realms and secure them for the Kingdom of Amber. He has de-facto Ambassadorial standing with any of the Courts outside of Amber.

Lady Gloxinia Bayle, Royal Vintner
Lady Gloxinia Bayle is the Royal Vintner of Amber. While this is not an administrative position within the government, the King often appreciates an extremely fine vintage.

Connor Fitzgerald, Commander of the Watch
Connor Fitzgerald is the Commander of the Gulls. They patrol the lower City and keep control with a quiet hand when possible, and other measures when necessary.

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